Our Vision

Joskos Solutions is the ICT partner that schools can trust, delivering outstanding service and support whilst keeping education at the heart of what we do.

Our vision is to become the UK’s most trusted provider of ICT support and Infrastructure Services to schools and other educational organisations - a provider of outstanding service at every level, delivering award-winning service that is used as a benchmark for the education ICT sector.

We want to be the ICT partner that schools can trust and turn to for everything ICT-related, always combining service and relationship longevity into the solutions and service that we take pride in delivering.


From Joskos' Managing Director, Nick Madhavji

"Since 2000, Joskos has grown (mainly through word of mouth) to becoming one of the UK education sector's most recognised companies for services to education, with numerous awards, shortlists and accolades such as winning  the 2012 BETT Award for Service and Support.

Joskos’ primary focus has always been education and we plan to keep it that way. This specific focus on our core strength allows us to deliver outstanding services and solutions to schools in a way that is always driven by the education agenda and ultimately the outcomes of learners.

Focusing on this education-only strength has allowed Joskos to develop winning partnerships with industry leaders and building an ever-growing team of dedicated educational specialists who embrace the vision of making Joskos the UK’s number one service provider of choice for schools.

We understand and appreciate that if the service we provide is not having the desired impact, then we need to go back and do something differently.

As the Managing Director of Joskos, it’s my responsibility to ensure that Joskos continues to become a company that pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved in the unique partnership we build with our schools - always ensuring we place the learner at the heart of what we do.

 I am always contactable and value comments.  Please do not hesitate to contact me for any information, enquiries or feedback regarding our services. My contact details are as follows and emails sent to the below address go directly to me."

Nick Madhavji

Nick Madhavji | Managing Director of Joskos Solutions

020 7424 6975