Terms & Conditions for Joskos' Recommendation Promotion

The prizes for Joskos' Recommendation Promotion include:

  • Interactive whiteboard training for your staff (Promethean, Smart, Genie etc.)
  • Technical training for your school's pupils or technical staff (Microsoft, Prince2, Cisco etc.)
  • 5 x Augmented reality interactive books 
  • 10 x Google Cardboard virtual reality headsets

For more details, contact your Joskos Account Manager.

In order to receive these prizes, the following conditions must be met:

  • The referred school must not be a current or previous customer of Joskos. This can be checked with your Joskos Account Manager.
  • Recommendations must result in either:
    1. A Joskos ICT support contract with the referred school that includes at least 1 engineer day per week.
    2. Purchases from Joskos by the referred school that amount to no less than £5,000.00 within 6 months of the first purchase.

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